TurboTeams™ and The Game of Empowerment™

Communication Tools For Optimizing Customer and Colleague Relationships

This skill session is highly interactive and fun to be part of! It bonds the participants into Turbo Teams™ to get to know each other better, and be compelled to forever design new ways to empower each others efforts and achievements! It introduces a number of specific communication tools and strategies to optimize customer and colleague relationships. Each participant receives a deck of cards from “The Game of Empowerment!” ™ and are guided through a variety of fun and interactive exercises that add excitement to their roles and goals in life, as well as a number of other organizational systems and strategies to engage them in empowering themselves and others to excel, and Enjoy the Journey!

Out of this Skill Session You Will Learn:

How to use Promise Cards™ to capture and organize key communications from customers and colleagues. This simple technique prevents communications from slipping through the cracks and falling out.

How to Crystallize your Thinking and capture your ideas into simple DotBoards™ and Promise Cards™ using blank paper & pencils.

How to clarify your Roles and your Goals in your personal and professional life, and set up mentors and coaching to create accountability and organized, effective action.

Hot Tips for Effective Coaching through challenges and wins and setting up partnerships that empower and stretch your comfort zones with effective calls to action!

Required Materials fee of $10 per participant for handout packets & Promise Cards™ unless duplicated by your team from supplied masters.

90 minutes