Turbo Tools

Here’s a number of “Turbo Tools” you can use with your Team to empower them to make the most of any Staff Meeting, and create Actionable things they can do to improve their Performance out of your Trainings.

You can download them and begin using them immediately!

Call for Coaching and Tips, or to have me Customize a set of 2-10 minute videos to assist you and your Team to apply these Tools to “Turbo-Charge” their Performance as part of your ongoing Training efforts!

  1. Jimmy Z’s Personal Performance Model
  2. DotBoards™ : How To Train Your Brain To Be An Idea Machine
  3. Promise Cards
    1. Hopper Cards
    2. Project Cards
    3. Goal Cards
    4. Communication Cards
    5. Prospect Cards
    6. Kid Cards
    7. ScoreBoards
  4. What’s A Better Question?
  5. What Else Could This Mean?
  6. What Kind of Support Would You Like On That?
  7. Turbo Tools for Sales People