Turbo Tools For Sales People

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YOU KNOW that your Sales Repertoire of Skill Sets and Strategies directly effects your income and amount of free time you can enjoy your life with, right??

So the Good Question is… “What are the most important Topics for improvement you can put on the table to engage in?”

Tapping into your Teams’s Brains, especially those who outproduce you, is one of the most valuable exercises you can engage in.  It accelerates your “Learning Curve” because you get first hand what works and does not so you can skip right past that class in The School of Hard Knocks which uses Trial and Error and “The Hard Way”.

There is no “treading water” in the marketplace any more. It waaaay to competitive for market share, and you can’t just compete by price, or you’ll be cutting your profit margins down to nothing.

Some people feel they don’t need to improve because they have “10 years of experience” in the industry, when likely they have learned just enough in their first year to get by, and repeated those “Just Enough” Skills Sets and Strategies each year for 10 years! Do you know anybody like that??  Do they drive your car and wear your shoes??In my 30+ years of selling, I have found and taught these simple tools and strategies listed below to Sales People and Sales Managers that have accelerated their learning curve, and Turbo Charged their results with these foundational “Turbo Tools” for Sales People which are here for you below, for free.Join me “At The Table” in the video above which gives you a brief overview of the Tools, and then drills down a bit more so you can begin using them right away for yourself, and your Team!

  1. Jimmy Z’s Personal Performance Model
  2. 1-31 Prospect Card File
  3. Turbo Charge Your Sales Cycle Questions
  4. Overview of Turbo Coaching For Sales People
  5. Modeling Champion Behavior
  6. Creating Rapport Through Communication Styles
  7. Jimmy Z’s Referral Strategy
Te Next Section you should check out after this one for many, many more “Table Topics”  is here:https://turbocoaching.com/table-topics-for-sales-people/
Enjoy The Journey!
Jimmy Z