Turbo Coaching for Customer Service Reps

This highly customized session addresses the specific needs and applications of your Customer Service and Support Reps. We identify specific issues and “Model” the most effective options to handle them. We also give them a deeper understanding of their customer service goals and outcomes they want to leave the customer with. The session assists you in gaining insight how to create conscious and unconscious levels of Rapport with your internal and external customers.

Out of this Skill Session You Will Learn:

  • How to speak and listen using all three components of communication more effectively, and how they affect your level of rapport and influence.
  • How to develop even greater “Sensory Acuity” to what is going on with a customer to influence a positive outcome.
  • How to “Read” people more effectively to create a deep and meaningful rapport, and recognize the four primary Communication Styles, (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Digital).
  • How to diffuse challenging situations elegantly and turn it around to create certainty in the mind of your internal and external customers that they will be served well.

Required Materials fee of $1 per participant for handout packet unless duplicated by your team from supplied masters.

Duration 90 minutes