Turbo Coaching™ for Teambuilding

The idea behind TurboCoaching™ is to provide tools and strategies to assist the Manager in providing quick and pointed “Turbo Coaching” to their Direct Reports on specific Skill Sets, Strategies and questions they have that are key to being effective in their role. The Direct Reports not only improve individually, but the Team is strengthened as the individuals contribute to each other’s performance. They operate more as a Team, performing at higher levels as each of the individuals raises the bar and their peers strive to do the same. The outcomes produced from the Team are much greater than the sum of the individual contributors.

We do that by providing the Manager with insight and specific strategies to:

  1. Create a Context for Coaching around the Team to optimize “Buy In” and ownership of the practice.
  2. Challenge the participants to “Model” effective Beliefs, Skill Sets and Strategies that have proven effective by their peers.
  3. Establish an effective methodology for their Team to capture their questions, answers, communication frames and strategies for review, collaboration and “Turbo Coaching” with their Manager.
  4. Establish a context for ongoing contribution of the Teams’ Best Practices into a “Strategy Pool” that becomes a permanent part of the Company’s Training Resource Library for everyone to benefit from moving forward.

It’s quite a simple process and the outcomes are easy to benchmark so they see and feel their  successes right away!

There are a variety of Tools that improve a Manager’s ability to lead and develop their People all  utilizing Jimmy Z’s Personal Performance Model™.

Here are a few of the Sessions with Jimmy Z that utilize this Methodology:

  • Four Keys To Develop A ProActive Sales Force
  • Turbo Coaching™ For Managers
  • The Building Bridges™ Workshop
  • Turbo Teams™ and The Game of Empowerment™

We have found that each team requires their own approach based on their current capabilities and  challenges. We customize the group sessions to meet the needs of the Team and incorporate one-on-one followup sessions with the Manager and each of the Team members. These follow up  sessions accelerate their application of what is learned in the group sessions.