Turbo Charge Your Sales Cycle!

With Better and Better Questions!

How can you and your Team consistently Beat your Bests?? Good question, isn’t it?  In fact, the only way we can do it is to rally the team to improve their abilities and increase the amount of each sale, and/or the number and closing ratio in which we make them, Correct?

How do we do that?  By “Modeling” the very best strategies in your industry, and flowcharting out every aspect of our Sales Cycle to identify and prioritize the greatest opportunities to improve our ability to increase sales. We “Turbo Charge” our efforts!  Here’s a sampling of what we’ll cover:

  • What is the most effective way to duplicate the effectiveness of another?
  • How can I get the most out of myself and others in any situation?
  • How can I make it rain even more prospects and contact them effectively??
  • What and How can I find out more about my prospect in advance to serve their needs better and build  more trust and rapport??
  • How can I get them even more interested in what I have to offer right away??
  • How can I create even more credibility for myself, my product, service & company??
  • How do I find out their greatest challenges, goals and ways to serve them well??
  • What solutions can I provide??
  • What are my summary trial closes??
  • In what ways can I assume the sale??
  • In what ways can I most effectively turn objections into solutions??
  • How can I create so much value for my customers that they are compelled to constantly provide me with referrals?

Out of this session you will ignite your ability to harness the power of:

Your Skill Sets to improve your performance & overall effectiveness…

  • Your Belief in yourself, your company and your mission…
  • Your ability to consistently put yourself, your customers and your colleagues into
  • Great Emotional States that compel you and others to be at your best…And…
  • Your ability to Communicate and create the kind of rapport that sustains a much valued and mutually beneficial relationship with your customers and colleagues.

Software is included as well as Jimmy Z’s New E-Book to customize and flowchart your Sales Cycle!! This Course is customized In-House exclusively for your Team and applications!

Call us for more information to make this happen for you!

Course Registration Information:  Your Investment in the Course is determined by the size of the group to be Trained, the location, logistics and objectives we set for the course.