Turbo Charge Your Performance

With Jimmy Z’s Personal Performance Model™

This session is my best material to understand what makes up human behavior and performance, and how you can positively affect it in yourself and others to consistently be at your best, in any area of your life!

Out of this Skill Session You Will Learn:

  • How to Stretch Your Comfort Zone:You shift from linking pleasure to staying in your comfort zone and pain to doing what’s uncomfortable, to linking pleasure to the stretch and pain to being complacent.  You also recognize a direct correlation to your growth curve and how to impact it.
  • How The Pain/Pleasure Principle Affects Your Life. How what we unconsciously link pain and pleasure to directly affects our performance and productivity.  You learn not only to be more aware of this dynamic in your life, but how to use it effectively to destroy old limiting behaviors and habits, and how to condition and reinforce new habits and skills for success.
  • How to duplicate the results of anyone through the Power of Modeling. You’ll learn how to elicit and duplicate the Beliefs, Strategies and Physiology of excellence to produce outstanding results in a fraction of the time it takes others to develop the same level of results from scratch.
  • How to Integrate the Insight of Jimmy Z’s Personal Performance Model™. You recognize how we can use four innate abilities we already have; our ability to manage our Mental and Emotional “States”, our ability to communicate and create Rapport, our ability to create certainty and Belief in ourselves and in the mind of our customers and colleagues, and our ability to improve our Skill Sets to effect each other ability positively (and negatively) in our behavior.  You learn specific ways to be more proactive in harnessing and using these abilities to empower yourself to consistently produce outstanding results with others.

Required Materials fee of $1 per participant for handout packet unless duplicated by your team from supplied masters.

Duration – 90 minutes