The Four Abilities That Accelerate Sales Performance!

Understanding how to use The Four Abilities That Accelerate Performance affects every area of your life. From how you present, how you manage and develop people, and even how you read a situation to determine whether you need to instill some belief, emotion, skill or rapport back into it. Your “Sensory Acuity” is forever heightened such that you are much more “Tuned In” to what’s present in any interaction. You will change your life!! 

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The session culminates with a physical metaphor that you will never forget – The Break-Through Experience! Each participant demonstrates what they’ve learned in the session by modeling the Beliefs, Strategies and Physiology of a Ti-Kwan-Do Master and breaking a 1″ board with their bare hands! It’s about Breaking-Through where you stop, and experiencing yourself more certain, confident and resourceful than ever before… Unstoppable!!!