The Game Of Dots™ Workshop

How To Train Your Brain To Be An Idea Machine!

This is the Ultimate Goal Getters Workshop! You will learn Brainstorming techniques to be able to take any goal or project and create a clear and concise non-linear plan of action that can be added to, communicated to others and acted upon in a way that’s fun and empowering!

Out of this Skill Session You Will Learn:

  • How to Create a Compelling Future in Your Family Life, Career Path, Health, Hobbies & Mental Growth, Financial Growth & Security, and Spiritual Growth that turns you on & creates excitement in your life!
  • How to Crystallize your Thinking and capture your ideas into simple DotBoards™ and Promise Cards™ using blank paper & pencils.
  • How to Organize your Thoughts & Ideas into Plans of Action binders that keep you focused, empowered and growing in any area of life you choose!

Optional Materials fee of $10 per participant includes 3-ring binder, indexes, paper and Promise Cards™.
Required Materials fee of $1 per participant for handout packet unless duplicated by your team from supplied masters.

Duration 90 minutes