The Building Bridges™ Workshop

Communication Tools for Optimizing Customer and Colleague Relationships

This session delivers the best “People Skills” for bonding a team that I have discovered in my 32 years of experience!  It creates a context and culture for participants to hold each other to a higher standard of performance, teamwork, morale and communication.  It’s a fun and exciting event that carries over into the workplace because of the session content and the Board-Breaking experience!


Out of this session the participants will learn and utilize:

  • The Power of Modeling: How to elicit and duplicate the Beliefs, Strategies and Physiology of excellence for producing outstanding results in a fraction of the time.
  • The Personal Performance Model Recognizing how we use four innate abilities we already have;
    1) Our ability to manage our Mental and Emotional States; 2) Our ability to communicate effectively and create Rapport3) Our ability to create certainty in ourselves and in the mind of our customers; and 4) Our ability to improve our Skill Sets and Strategies. We then learn how all four effect each other positively and negatively.  Participants learn specific ways to be more proactive in harnessing and using these abilities to empower themselves to consistently produce outstanding results.
  • The Pain/Pleasure Principle: Understanding what we unconsciously link pain and pleasure to directly affects our performance and productivity.  You learn not only to be more aware of this dynamic in your life, but how to use it effectively to destroy old limiting behaviors and habits, and how to condition and reinforce new habits, strategies and skill sets for even greater success.
  • Stretching your Comfort Zone: Each participant shifts their associations of pleasure and pain.  Most people link pleasure to staying in their comfort zone and pain to doing what’s uncomfortable.  Through this session we link pleasure to the stretch and pain to being complacent.  They also recognize a direct correlation between their comfort zone and their growth curve, and how to impact it.  This serves as a great pre-frame for stepping up to the Board Break-Through Exercise.
  • The Board Break-Through Experience! This session culminates with a physical metaphor that participants never forget!  Each participant demonstrates what they’ve learned in the program by modeling the Beliefs, Strategies and Physiology of a Ti-Kwan-Do Master and breaking through a 1″ board with their bare hands!  To make this experience even more meaningful, each participant writes a goal, quota or limitation they want to break through on the board.  The exercise then serves as a metaphor for breaking through where they’ve stopped before. It’s a great campaign launcher!   We video the whole exercise so that each participant can see how much energy and determination they mustered to Break-Through and to create an outstanding reference of stepping up and doing whatever it takes to get the job done!


Duration – 4 Hours


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