The Art of Asking Better Questions™

How to Train Your Brain to Be an Idea Machine

This session is designed to promote Pro-Active thinking. The co-an for this session might as well be “What’s A Better Question??” and “What Else Could This Mean??”  We focus on any topic, project or challenge for demonstrating creative techniques to generate, capture, and organize your best ideas and solutions on paper. This very interactive and participative session dramatically facilitates greater productivity and teamwork.

At This Very Special Half-Day Training Session You Will Learn:

  • How to Model the effectiveness of Champion Behavior and avoid the pitfalls of Chump Behavior that can sabotage your team.
  • How to utilize the power of Jimmy Z’s Personal Performance Model to better understand how your Skill Sets, Beliefs, Emotional States and Rapport Skills all effect each other in positive and negative ways, and how you can better control them so that it is always getting easier to be more productive.
  • Effective ways to apply these distinctions to empower your team to consistently excel even more.
  • How to influence the emotional climate of any situation to dramatically affect the quality of communication, behavior and results.  You learn specific ways to direct and manage your own “State” of mind, as well as that of others so that you can consistently perform at your best.  Your internal and external customers not only love dealing with you, they are compelled to give rave reviews to others!
  • The Power of DOTS A simple technique to Train Your Brain to Be an Idea Machine and map out any project or idea in a clear and effective manner.
  • How to utilize DOTS to Turbo Charge your efforts or sales cycle from the examples provided to stay on track and be more organized.
  • You essentially increase your productivity in any area of your life in the shortest period of time. You then demonstrate this ability to model excellence through an exciting Board Break-Through metaphor.   This gives you an experience of putting yourself in a peak state of mind and doing something you may never have believed you could’ve done before!

Duration – 3½ hours

Be ready to expand your comfort zone and utilize new tools that promise to make a positive impact on your business, and your life!