The Art and Skill of Communicating with Rapport

This session assists you in gaining insight to the conscious and unconscious levels of Rapport present among your colleagues & customers, and really anyone else that you are communicating with. This fun and interactive workshop assists you to develop heightened “Sensory Acuity” (or acute sensory perception) to the level of rapport or lack there of present around you. The level of rapport you can generate with your internal and external customers is directly related to your ability to produce results! They’ll read people better, create more rapport and communicate more effectively with all the different types of communication styles of people! A great Team builder too!

Out of this Skill Session You Will Learn:

  • How to speak and listen using all three components of communication more effectively, and how they affect your level of rapport and influence.
  • How your “Physiology” communicates louder than your words, and how you can use your physiology to create even greater levels of rapport.
  • How to “Read” people more effectively to create a deep and meaningful rapport, and recognize the four primary Communication Styles, (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Digital).
  • Proven techniques to adjust your communication style so that the customer can relate to you better, because you are relating to the customer better. We will also discuss Matching and Mirroring Techniques to build unconscious levels of rapport.

Required Materials fee of $1 per participant for handout packet unless duplicated by your team from supplied masters.

Duration 90 minutes