Testimonials from USBank

“How invigorating and emotionally uplifting! Excellent tips to use in both my personal and professional life, and – won’t the guys at the gym be impressed that I broke a board today! Way Cool!!!!” 

                                        Jaylene Thomas, Branch Manager
                                        USBank, Kansas City, MO.

“The session was very well done. It was boiled down to ideas that can be put into practice.”

                                        Greg Roderick, Branch Manager
                                        USBank, Sycamore Hills, OH.

“This has put me in a different frame of mind. I am excited about my job and what I can do!”

                                        Christina Hoschouer, Manager
                                        USBank, Kettering, OH.

“Asking Better Questions, Using Better Words, The quickest way to change your state is to change your Physiology – You will change your life. It will change mine.”

                                        Rebecca Estep, Banking Office Manager
                                        USBank, Parma Heights, OH.

“I really enjoyed the session. I will take the beliefs back to the office and put them to use there and at home!  It was fun and exciting!”

                                         Carol Schmitt, Branch Manager
                                         USBank, Columbus, OH.

“Great flow of content, energy dynamics. We believe you love this! Great delivery, and from a facilitator’s perspective, great use of personal & professional examples. Thanks for the cards and other great “take home tools”

                                         Deanna Hengge, VP Express Manager
                                         USBank, Cincinnati, OH.

“I feel ready to take my team to the next level by using the simple but profound ideas I’m taking from the class. I see success, YES!”

                                         Bettina Buscemi, Branch Manager
                                         USBank, Dayton, OH.

“Great session, very motivating. Really built my self-confidence.  My favorite part was the positive energy of Breaking the Board!!”

                                          Thecla Cockrell
                                          USBank, St. James, MO

“Very Motivational! Helped me see positive in the negative things in my life. I feel like I will be better and more positive & more successful with the things I have learned today.”

                                          Tracy Huffman, Assistant Manager
                                          USBank, Stratsboro, OH.

“You have given me so much inspiration to do anything if I believe in myself & my abilities. When I broke my board on the first try, I knew there were NO BOUNDARIES to my abilities – Thank you and GOD BLESS!!”

                                          Lisa Shepherd, Assistant Manager
                                          USBank, Pawnee, IL.