Tele Seminars, Webinars and Customized Online Learning

Turbo Coaching Workshops Through Tele Seminars, Webinars and Customized Online Learning

One of the most time and cost-effective mediums for supporting your Training effort is Distance Learning through Tele-Seminars, Webinars and Customized Online Learning. Participants dial into a phone bridge and/or log onto a Website from any location and they are connected into a Training experience.

These are conducted live, as well as archived for future utilization in your Training Library, or even distributed on CDs. You can also capture best practices by having Jimmy Z conduct “Skill Drills” as recorded phone interviews with Champion Role Models from your Team, talking about specific Strategies and Skill Sets that work! The recordings can then be distributed as downloadable Mp3’s and Podcasts as a follow up to keep participants focused on using what they learn in their own role, and Modeling each other. Nothing Speaks Louder Than Success!

Have you ever heard that “Inspiration is like Perspiration, they both evaporate quickly!” You know that your return on investment from any training effort comes from the behaviors improved and the results produced back in the workplace where it counts. Using this medium for reinforcement and follow up is often the most value producing aspect of any training effort.

After years of teaching the “canned” training programs of others, I’ve noticed that participants tend to discard or “File” their notes, handouts and workbooks, never to be reviewed again. It’s a waste of time and money! To reverse this, I’ve learned to utilize Accelerated Learning Techniques to engage the participants in repeatedly reviewing the material covered using Promise Cards™ and ScoreBoards™. They use Promise Cards™ to capture key content and Skill Sets to have ongoing conversations about their results for consistent improvement and reinforcement of the material presented.

We use state of the art Webcasting technology and phone bridges to create, edit and duplicate “Application Specific” Training Resources that payoff over and over again with new hires, as well as with your existing Team. Let us produce them for you to become part of your permanent Training Library, and create even greater value out of our relationship!