This page will be used to share Resources, Tools and Ideas to make the most of the SWSC Student Leadership Convention!

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Ways to Assist Schoolwork:


Kahn Academy

For Students, Coaches, Educators or Parents, and anyone else who wants to learn. This is absolutely the most fantastic resource you could ever imagine to help you succeed in any academic endeavor. And it is and always will be FREE!!!


Check out an Overview video on a TED Talk, Click Here: http://youtu.be/gM95HHI4gLk

Learn about its User Learning Flow Here



edX: Take Great Courses From The Worlds Best Universities

Would you like to access and audit Courses from World Class Universities like Harvard, Princeton, Yale and many, many more, all for FREE???

Now you can!

Home Page: https://www.edx.org

edX Demo Course: https://www.edx.org/course/edx/edxdemo101/edx-demo/1038

The Science of Everyday Thinking: https://www.edx.org/course/uqx/think101x/science-everyday-thinking/1185



The TurboCoaching Tool Box at TurboCoaching.com

Jimmy Z’s Mobile App at www.TurboCoaching.mobi or www.JimmyZ.mobi (the same)

or scan the QR Code Below:

Jimmy Z’s Personal Performance Model

What’s A Better Question?

What Else Could This Mean?

Promise Cards

DotBoards ; How To Train Your Brain To Be An Idea  Machine

The Wisdom Well

Free Mp3’s


Project Management

Trello is a free and incredibly easy to use Project Management System. It also has an app, help videos to learn how, and you can link anybody you’re working with to a project card or action step so they can update actions as they go. Fortune 50 companies use it, and you can too!



The Virtues Project

This is a great resource to develop and strengthen these character traits in yourself and others. Remember that Leaders are Readers, and are always looking for ways to improve their ability to grow personally, as well as tools to draw from to inspire and develop others talents.

The “Virtues Educator Cards” App for iPhones is free, and the “Virtues Reflection Cards” is $1. You can always do a free “Virtues Pick” for free on the site. Poke around and Check it out!

Do An Educator Virtues Card Pick

Get the Virtues Educator Cards iPad App Free


Inspiring Leadership Booklet

Virtues Resources for Educators

Act with Tact

Check out DaraFeldman.com