Promise Cards™

Based on the simple concept that paper remembers, people forget…Promise Cards™ are designed for convenience and have many uses.  Here are a few ways to improve your personal and professional productivity.

1. Hopper Cards – Write “Hopper” on top to capture any info you want in one place. Replaces all those scraps of paper!
2. Project Cards – Title with a Project Name and capture all the details and To Do’s
3. Goal Cards – Title with a Goal and capture all the relevant details, info and To Do’s
4. Communication Cards – Title with each others names and capture questions, do’s and promises you make.
5. Prospect Cards – Capture contact info, directions, To Do’s and relevant info to remember.
6. Kid Cards – Just like Communication Cards for your kids for their chores, promises and schoolwork!
7. ScoreBoards – Keep score of key indicators of success with boxes, numbers and tally marks on them.

Use Promise Cards™ because anything you write on them holds the Promise of coming true!
You then also engage “The International Sign of Committment…”

Print Promise Cards™ and Scoreboards™ Printing Tips:
1. Make sure you don’t set your printer settings to “Shrink To Fit” or they will not be 3×5 cards.
2. Tighten you paper tray and push the paper card stock against the tray edge to line up the front and back sides closely.
3. Use 110lb card stock for best results. Most “Instant Print” shops like FedEx Office will cut them for you cheaply.
4. You can e-mail this document to your favorite printer and they can print or copy them for you in black & white, or color.
5. Some Print Shops have a “Free Color” day where you can get the little bit of yellow added cheaply.
6. Pick a 110lb card stock that is easy to read and photo copy so you can share your notes with others, like a slate, grey,
bone, ivory, beige, a light pastel green or blue, or… whatever you like!