Powerful Public Speaking Skills

Strategies To Optimize Your Professional Speaking Performance

These Private Sessions are held in a two and a half hour format and can be conducted weekly or every other week until you reach your goals. They are customized to clarify and address your most important speaking goals, strengths and weaknesses. A 1-Day Intensive session is also available.

Out of these sessions, you will improve your ability to:

  • Speak and listen effectively using all three components of communication, and understand how they affect your level of rapport and influence with your audience.
  • How your “Physiology” communicates louder than your words and how you can use your physiology to create even greater levels of rapport with your audience.
  • How to “Read” your audience more effectively to create a deep and meaningful rapport, and recognize the four primary Communication Styles (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Digital).
  • Proven techniques to adjust your communication style so that your audience relates to you better because you are using communication styles that appeal to them. We will also discuss Matching and Mirroring Techniques to build unconscious levels of rapport.
  • Crystallize your thinking. Speech writing techniques to assist you in clarifying and prioritizing your goals when writing your speech to ensure full coverage of all the points you want to communicate.
  • Utilize “Spatial Spheres” to project your speech throughout the room. You learn to plant, pause and project yourself toward any part or all of the room.
  • How to Model the effectiveness of another to replicate their results. You essentially increase your abilities in the shortest period of time by modeling master communicators.
  • Video feedback allows you to learn by doing and improve your effectiveness by adjusting your style and impact after observing where you can make improvements.Your investment is based on the number of sessions booked or the duration of a monthly retainer. Call to discuss your goals, and we’ll determine the best structure to work within.