Powerful Presentation Skills

Strategies To Optimize Your Professional Speaking Performance

Sessions are held in a two-hour format and are customized to clarify and address the applications of the role and the participants most important speaking goals, strengths and weaknesses. These sessions can also be conducted individually.

Out of these sessions, you will improve your ability to:

  •  Techniques to quickly and effectively outline, organize your speech points and develop your presentation so it is easy to practice, polish and deliver with impact. Using Jimmy Z’s DotBoards™ technique to brainstorm it and Promise Cards™ makes it easy!
  • Utilize “Spatial Spheres” to project your speech throughout the room. You learn to Plant, Pause and Project yourself toward any part or all of the room using body language and voice qualities to gain and hold peoples attention.
  • Improve your framing skills by using more “Pre-frames”, “Re-frames”, “De-frames” and “As-if” frames in your presentation to have greater influence and impact in your communication.
  • Speak and listen using all three components of communication more effectively, and how they affect your level of rapport and influence with your audience.
  • How your “Physiology” communicates louder than your words, and how you can use your physiology to create even greater levels of rapport with your audience.
  • How to “Read” your audience more effectively to create a deep and meaningful rapport, and recognize the four primary Communication Styles, (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Digital).
  • Proven techniques to adjust your communication style so that your audience can relate to you better, because you are relating to them in communication styles that appeal to them.  We will also discuss Matching and Mirroring Techniques to build unconscious levels of rapport.

Call to discuss your goals, and we’ll determine the best structure to work within. 

A one to three hour customizing session by phone or in person in Chicago is included in the session fee.