Powerful Presentation Skills – Advanced Course

Strategies To Optimize Your Professional Speaking Performance

Sessions are held in a two and a half hour format and can be conducted weekly or every other week until participants reach their goals.  They are customized to clarify and address the participants’ most important speaking goals, strengths and weaknesses. 

Out of these sessions, you improve your ability to:

  • Advanced preparation techniques to know your audience’s specific issues and needs, so you can customize your talk to address them.
  • Crystallize your thinking.  Advanced speech writing techniques assist you to clarify and prioritize your goals when writing your speech, and utilizing words that sell and communicate your points to better prepare and cover all the points you intend to.
  • Creating effective “Icebreakers” to open your speeches from resources presented.
  • Resources to find and integrate quotes, quips and humor to accentuate your points and add to your presentation.
  • How to utilize stories to make a point and add entertainment value to your presentation.
  • How to Model the effectiveness of another to replicate their results.  You essentially become able to increase your skill in the shortest period of time by modeling master communicators.
  • Video feedback allows you to learn by doing and improve your effectiveness over time by adjusting your style and impact. Topics and time frames are based on the participants’ needs, skill levels and objectives.

Powerful Presentation Skills is recommended before the advanced course.  Call to discuss your goals, and we’ll determine the best structure to work within.

A one to three hour customizing session by phone or in person in Chicago is included in the session fee.