How to Cultivate Advocates and Get More Referrals

What are the most valuable skills you have as a Sales Professional??

Without a doubt, it’s your ability to develop Advocate who consistently promote you and your business, and your ability to generate referrals from any one, any where at any time!  Make No Mistake…

It’s All About Cultivating Relationships.

Invest the time to drill your skill to constantly create referrals from any one at any time, and learn to cultivate advocates that send you referrals for a lifetime!!

Out of this 2-hour “Skill Drill” you will learn:

    • What you can say to “Bridge” any conversation into a request for referrals.
    • 10+ Things you can say to help people think of others whom they can refer to you.
    • A highly effective strategy to get the appointment once you call
    • How to nurture and develop Advocates who consistently promote you and get an endless stream of referrals!

This is an excellent Breakout Session or Keynote to empower your Sales people to thrive. If they have not developed a Referral Centered Business, they are spending too much time prospecting, to little time face to face selling, likely with low quality prospects getting poor closing ratios and burning out because they’re working way too hard making much less money than they could if they mastered this essential skill.

Call Jimmy Z at 630-455-6545 to discuss your Goals, and how we customize this session to your market.

Invest In Your Ability To Produce!

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