High Performance Selling Skills™ Advanced Course

Click on the image below to view the video on Table Topics for Sales People!

You will get a number of great ideas for “Table Topics” to use for round table discussions for improvement with your Sales Team! You can print the Syllabus below to highlight the Topics you think will make the biggest impact on productivity and performance.

Be sure to watch the Video “Table Topics For Managers” to learn how to create a “Context For Coaching” that engages your Team to work together to improve their performance.

This multi-session course can be conducted over a three day intensive format, or spread out over 4 to 8 weeks in a live or Webinar format. We can also Skypinar as another low cost alternative using Skype.  Customized to the Team and specific applications of their role, this session takes New Salespeople and Seasoned Veterans alike to new levels of understanding and skill in every aspect of the Sales Process. This comprehensive course focuses on the application of the tools and techniques presented, utilizing Accelerated Learning Techniques to produce Accelerated Results.

Out of This Course You Will Learn:

Section 1: Turbo Tools – Section Overview

  • The International Sign of Commitment
  • Carryover Trumps Content
  • Get The Most Out Of Any Conference
  • How To Consistently Duplicate The Results
    of Others, In A Fraction of The Time It Took
    Them To Do It!
  • Communication Cards
  • Great Questions… To Kick It Up A Notch
  • Great Questions… After A Crash and Burn
  • Great Questions… After A Win To Repeat It!

Section 2: The Psychology of Selling – Section Overview

  • Psychology of Selling Overview
  • Where Is The Fun Really At? Where Do You Grow The Most?
  • Create A Compelling Future or Slowly Die
  • The 5 Core Abilities  – Jimmy Z’s Personal Performance Model
  • The Most Important Ability There Is …That Clearly Separates The Winners From The Losers
  • Consistently Improve Your Strategies and Skill Sets – The Skill Set Inventory
  • How Beliefs Drive Behavior – How Beliefs Affect Us Positively and Negatively and How You Change Them
  • How Beliefs Drive Sales – How Beliefs Affect Prospects Positively and Negatively and How You Influence Them
  • Believing Is Seeing – The Belief Model
  • Without Rapport You Are Repelling
  • How To Induce Great States In Others
  • How To Develop More Confidence – So You Can Talk To Anybody at Anytime!
  • Listening To Their Listening
  • Can You Believe That?
  • It’s All Really A Frame Game!

Section 3: Organize and Conquer – Section Overview

  • Organize and Conquer Overview
  • Systematize or Drown
  • The Top 3 Moneymakers
  • Systematize or Drown
  • How to Train Your Brain To Be An Idea Machine – The Game of DOTs!
  • Paper Remembers, People Forget
  • A 10 Minute Planning Cycle – Get It Out of Your Brain and Prioritized on Paper
  • The Delegation Station
  • Clear The Clutter and Chaos
  • Power Hours of Productivity

Section 4: Be The Rainmaker – Section Overview

  • Be The Rainmaker Overview
  • Score Boards Tell No Lies
  • Quick And Easy Contact Management – The 1-31 Rotating Card File
  • Telephone Tips To Re-Connect  – How to Capture The Very Best Thing To Say Next
  • Quick and Easy Follow Up Techniques That Allow You To Persist Without Breaking Rapport
  • What Is The Profile Of A Class “A” Prospect?
  • Multiple Channels Opens The Flood Gates
  • What Are the Best Prospecting Resources?
  • What Are The Best Prospecting Methods?
  • Who Sends You Referrals?   How To Train Others To Consistently Send You Referrals
  • Jimmy Z’s 10-Step Referral Strategy – How To Get More and Get In The Door From Referrals
  • 10 Referral Getting Trigger Questions – How To Get Others To Think of Prospects For You
  • Jimmy Z’s 10-Step Referral Strategy – Getting the Edge
  • Generating Leads Working A Networking Event
  • Generating Leads Working an Expo
  • The Power of Cheat Sheets
  • Tough Love Is In the Feedback
  • “Free Press Anyone?  What Kinds of Press or Advertising Can You Reference to Create Credibility?
  • Drive By’s and WIWO’s

Section 5: Door Openers – Section Overview

  • Create Interest or Bore Them to Death
  • Pre-framing to Create Interest
  • Create Credibility or Questionable Doubt
  • What’s New and Unique
  • That’s A Good Question!
  • 3rd Party Testimonials – How to Get Them and Use Them
  • Moving the “Free Line” to Engage Prospects

Section 6: Knowledge is Power – How to Qualify– Section Overview

  • Knowledge is Power – How to Qualify Overview
  • Benchmark It
  • Who Do You Know Who Knows Them?
  • Pre-Trial Closes
  • Nail-Down Trial Closes
  • Future Pace It And Gauge Their “Buy-In”
  • Summary Trial Closes
  • Opinion Trial Closes

Section 7: Pitch It Persuasively– Section Overview

  • Pitch It Persuasively Overview
  • The Key To Enrollment In Anything – A Transference Of Belief and Enthusiasm
  • DOTBoards™ To Brainstorm
  • Benchmark Your Outcomes
  • Pain Motivates – What Kinds of Credibility Can You Create Around Wounds and Issues?
  • You Can’t Communicate What You Don’t Know:  How To Develop Superior Product Knowledge
  • Probe For Problems To Stir It Up
  • How To Profile Your Brand – In The Very Best Light Possible
  • What Solutions Do You Provide?
  • People Buy Based On Values and Lifestyle
  • Reading Other’s Communication Styles – How To Speak Their Language So They Relate To You
  • Speak VAK To Connect – How to Integrate Visual, Auditory  and Kinesthetic Words to Create Rapport
  • The Presentation Skill Drill™

Section 8: Close and Consummate – Section Overview

  • Close and Consummate Overview
  • You Can’t Easily Make A U-Turn In A Steamship
  • Of Course They’ll Buy
  • Would You Like This or That?
  • Details and The Deal
  • Order Blanks Get It Done
  • Make It Real, Make Them Feel
  • Ask ‘Em How They’ll Love It!

Section 9: Question and Convert– Section Overview

  • Question and Convert Overview
  • Pre-Frames, Re-Frames and De-Frames
  • Pass the Potato!
  • Is That A Smoke Screen?
  • You’ve Got To Isolate It To Kill It
  • The Consultative Approach With An Expert
  • No Buts About It!
  • Cushion It With The Old “Feel, Felt & Found”
  • What’s The Good Question?

Customizing sessions are included in the fee for In-House Programs, which is based on the location and number of participants and sessions included.  A Workbook detailing specific outcomes for each session is provided for each participant.

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