Happy Thanksgiving!

Cute Turkey Graphic you can use!Hi There! 

This is Jimmy Z, and with Thanksgiving upon us, we’re wishing you all the Joy the season has to offer, and some special free gifts for you to enjoy with your family, friends and customers!

Included In This Page Are:

  1. Some Fun For The Holidays – Holiday Games You Can Brand as your own and Share With Your Customers who will love you for it!
  2. The Original Thanksgiving Proclamations from George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
  3. This page with other lovely Thanksgiving Messages you can share with your family, friends and customers by copying this link!


This is our 14th year of providing you the wildly popular Holiday Game sheet that you can customize to represent your company. Your best Advocates, Clients and Prospects will think fondly of you as they share it with their families and friends throughout the Holidays, especially on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day!

Often times, they’ll print copies of it and pass it along throughout their entire company, with YOUR NAME, NUMBER and HOLIDAY MESSAGE ON IT!!!

Perhaps you remember the amazing results from sharing it last year?

It’s the “Some Fun For The Holidays!” page of clever word games where you guess the Christmas Carols, Football Teams and Number Games!

The kicker is that you can type over my tag line with YOUR NAME and NUMBER, as well as add your own HOLIDAY MESSAGE on the back . That way the people you share it with will think fondly of you when they share it with the people they care about!

Want an example??

Guess The Christmas Carol:  Approach Everyone Who Is Steadfast = “Oh Come All Ye Faithful!”

Ecstasy To The Orb = “Joy To The World!”

Guess the Football Team: $1.00 for Corn = The “Buck-an-ears!”

Get the idea??   Pretty Clever, Huh?

There’s lots of fun to be had by all! (While they’re thinking of you!)

Some Fun For The Holidays  (This is the PDF You Can Share As Is)

Some Fun For The Holidays
 (This is a MSWord Doc that you can insert your own info, and your customers can do it too!)

Please share them with others you care about and would like to empower as well!

I hope you get as much out of them as I have!  Send me new one’s you like, too!

A Thankful Thought

A Thanksgiving Blessing

A National Thanksgiving
 – Original Document by George Washington
Proclamation – Original Thanksgiving Document by Abraham Lincoln

Anyway – A Lovely Thought by Mother Theresa

Traits of a Healthy Family – My Personal Favorite!

Precious Presents – A Great Game To Acknowledge What You’re Grateful For In Each Other!

Precious Presents – A Great Game To Acknowledge What You’re Grateful For In Each Other! – Click Here For The Video! 

May Grace Be Your Pleasure! – A Great Way To Contribute To Others As A Family –  Click Here For The Video!  

The Card Box – An easy way to show you care –  Click Here For The Video! 

The Prize Closet – A great way to be prepared to thoughtful and meaningful gifts, sometimes for no reason at all!

The Care Package  – A great way to share and care for people that live far away!

Check Out Some of These Other Lovely Quotes!

 The Difference a Friend Makes 
A Friend
For a Day of My Life 

Take a dip in The Wisdom Well™, and make it your own at: https://turbocoaching.com/holiday-fun/ There’s also a really cute “Thanksgiving Blessing” in there that I hope you’ll enjoy, and other items like the original Thanksgiving Proclamations made by George Washington and Abraham Lincoln for you history buffs!

Then, while you’re at it, go into the Business Wisdom section and read “The Advocate Strategy” Article reprint and other tools that can assist in making this New Year the very best for you, no matter how the market turns!

Wishing You All Much Success and Happiness while you… Enjoy The Journey!

With Passion and Purpose,

“Jimmy Z”