Four Keys For Developing A Pro-Active Sales Force

This session is designed to provide specific strategies to turn your Team into a Pro-Active Sales Force to be reckoned with! It offers strategies to change beliefs about their role and managing high payoff activities to be more productive. This insightful and highly interactive session is designed to create a paradigm shift in how  a manager thinks about their role, and what it takes to bond a team and bring out the best in them. 

At This Very Special 2 ½ Hour Training Session You Will Learn:

  • How to Model the effectiveness of a Champion Manager, and identify the Beliefs that must be instilled in the mind of an employee to compel them to do their very best.
  • How to utilize the power of Jimmy Z’s Personal Performance Model™ to better understand how the Skill Sets, Beliefs, Emotional States and Rapport Skills of your Team all effect each other in positive and negative ways, and how you can better influence them so that it is always getting easier to be more productive in your coaching.
  • Create a Skill Set Inventory of key Skill Sets for your Team’s development.  Common skill sets include:
    • Developing Advocates to promote your services to others;
    • How to effectively ask others for Referrals;
    • How to implement a 1-31 Rotating Card File to manage follow up with prospects and effective time management
    • You then prioritize and implement a strategy for constant improvement.
  • How to influence the emotional climate of any situation to dramatically affect the quality of communication, behavior and morale of your Team.  You learn specific ways to direct and manage your own “State” of mind, as well as that of others so that you can consistently perform at your best. Your Team is then compelled to come to you for coaching, rather than avoid interacting for fear of looking bad.
  • You learn specific techniques for improving communication within your Team using Jimmy Z’s Promise Cards™.  This creates a context for consistent improvement in their roles.  Coaching becomes a constant and welcome aspect of the workplace that consistently fosters higher productivity.
  • You then demonstrate this ability to model excellence through an exciting Board-Breaking metaphor.  You put yourself in a peak state of mind and effectively do something you may never have believed you could’ve done before!

Be ready to stretch your comfort zone and utilize new tools that promise to make a positive impact on your business, and your life!

Duration 2 ½ hours