Emotion Management

How to Stay Enthused, Motivated and Smiling All Day!

This is absolutely my favorite session to conduct for your Team! Managing your emotions to stay resourceful no matter what the circumstances are, is one of the most valuable life skills you can develop!

Out of this fun and uplifting session you get insightful strategies and develop an ability to consistently put yourself, your customers and your colleagues into resourceful emotional “States” of mind that compel you and others to be at your best…no matter what the challenge at hand!

You learn what causes your emotions and how you can develop the ability to create so much confidence and certainty at will, that at the end of the session each participant demonstrates this ability by breaking through a 1″ board with their bare hands!! Absolutely Unstoppable!

Out of this Skill Session You Will Learn:

  • How to manage your Emotional “State” so that you’re better able act resourcefully in any situation, at any time.
  • What your Pain and Pleasure “Triggers” are, so that you can better anticipate and deal with or utilize them.
  • How to interrupt other peoples unresourceful emotional patterns and induce great “States” in others to assist them in being even more resourceful.
  • The Board-Breaking Experience!:  The session culminates with a physical metaphor that you will never forget!  Each participant will demonstrate what they learned in the session by modeling the Beliefs, Strategies and Physiology of a Ti-Kwan-Do Master and breaking a 1″ board with their bare hands!  To make this experience even more meaningful, each participant will write a goal, quota or limitation that has been stopping them in the past on the board such as procrastination, fear of rejection, a specific sales goal or even a health issue etc. to break through and create a line of demarcation where they will stop no more.  We video each participants board break so they have an outstanding reference of themselves stepping up and doing whatever it takes to get the job done!

Required Materials fee of $2 per participant for Boards & handout packet unless duplicated by your team from supplied masters and the boards paid for directly from a local lumberyard.

Duration 120 minutes