Bonus Features

Welcome to The Bonus Features Section of Our Site!

Just like a DVD has “Extras” that add value to your experience, we will continue to add new “Bonus Features” that you can benefit from, to add value to your life and Business!

They are sorted by topics, and vetted by me personally, or I wouldn’t promote them here, so keep checking back to see what is new! 

Marketing Systems and Technology:

TurboCoaching For Websites, Domain Names, Marketing and More! 24/7 Free Phone Support Too!

TurboCoaching For Websites provides everything you need to search and buy a domain name, build a website and market it effectively… All with free Coaching how to do it with a live and incredibly competent person, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  Just Call or Click Through!






WebinarJam Studio is the most comprehensive and effective way to utilize Webinars to Market your business… Barr None.

Used by MANY of the most successful Marketers in the world… (over 17,000 Marketers produced over 30,000,000 Registrations), this System just got even better!  Check out the capabilities that you can implement quite easily, and compare it to GoTo Webinar or any other Webinar Service and be Amazed!

You even get Training on how to do it by the Very Best in The Business!



KAJABI and KAJABI Next provides the most effective Platform to easily upload your Courses and Content to establish a Membership Sites that Serves Your Market and makes you money while you sleep!

If you have something to share that will add value to others, you owe it to yourself to check out this Non-Techie Platform. It also includes an incredibly comprehensive Video Training Program that supports you to change your life forever, by creating new income streams with your content!



Make A Difference and Bond Your Team!

Here’s a chance to combine Teambuilding with Leadership opportunities while making a difference in your Community!

An outstanding way for an Association to Connect their Members before a conference, and we edit and produce the video for viewing the next day to set the tone at the Conference as an Association that Makes A Difference!

Check out our site and Call us for ideas, You’ll be glad you did!






Create Certainty and Clarity On Your Life’s Direction and Purpose With A Lifebook YOU Design!

Lifebook is an incredible process of thinking about and writing out your most desired Vision for your Life, Your Purpose for That Vision and the Strategies You Can Implement To Realize that Vision in 12 specific areas of your Life!

I’ve been in the Personal and Professional Development Industry for 32+ years, and there is no other Course that delivers to you anything like it!

Check it out, Especially with a Loved One and Enjoy New Meaning and Purpose to Your Life!