How can you make more sales in less time? Would you like to consistently increase your closing ratios?? To make more sales in less time, you must optimize your abilities. In fact, you must consistently improve your abilities. In this one highly motivating and rejuvenating day, you will learn how to get the most out of yourself and make the most out of any situation at hand.

Can you improve your effectiveness? By learning how to learn effectively, you constantly improve what you do and how you do it. This is the secret the best in the industry all use.  They are always improving their processes, strategies and skill sets to be more productive in less time.

Success leaves clues… and the champions of the industry are out-producing the rest of the industry, quite often 10 times more productive with the same 24 hours you and I have every day.  How can you do it? Come and find out!

Out of this session you will ignite your ability to harness the power of:

Your Skill Sets to constantly improve your performance & overall effectiveness…

Your Belief in yourself, your company and your mission so it speaks louder than words…

Resourceful Emotional States that compel you to be at your best, and your customers to buy… And…

Your ability to Communicate and create the kind of rapport that sustains a much valued and mutually beneficial relationship with your customers, colleagues, and everyone you meet!

You are a Sales Professional. How much can you benefit from a day invested to improving and learning:

  • How to read, distinguish, and sell to the values of five different types of buyers – Belongers, Emulators, Achievers, Society Conscious and Needs Driven – the same strategies used by Madison Avenue Advertisers to sell you things every day on TV.
  • Ways to build a bonding rapport with people and communicate in a more visual, auditory or kinesthetic style that they relate to vs. your own style and hoping they connect with you.
  • Ways to get them more interested right away in what you have to offer.
  • Ways to create more credibility for yourself, your company, and the services you provide.
  • Ways to find out their greatest challenges, goals and ways to serve their needs well.
  • What trial closes are effective to better qualify your prospect and make it easy for them to buy.
  • Ways to pre-frame, re-frame, de-frame and isolate objections into sales vs. no sales.
  • 25 Ways to ask for referrals out of every sales interview, whether they buy or not, so more people come to you!
  • The Advocate Strategy will be your most effective way to stay top of  mind with people who can send you referrals!
  • The Board Break-Through Experience! The session culminates with a physical metaphor that you will never forget!  Each participant will demonstrate what they learned in the session by modeling the Beliefs, Strategies and Physiology of a Ti-Kwan-Do Master and breaking a 1″ board with their bare hands!  It’s about Breaking-Through where you stop, and experiencing yourself more certain, confident and resourceful than ever before… Unstoppable!!!